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To Place an Order:
Print and fill out an order form, clearly listing botanical name and variety and mail with full payment (check, money order or cash, no credit cards) to:
Sacred Succulents, P.O. Box 781, Sebastopol, CA 95473 USA

For seed orders outside the USA:
We take international money orders made out in USD$,  or USD cash (or the equivalent in Euros or British Pounds) sent registered mail to our PO Box.
We also accept Western Union or a bank transfer (a $15 fee for this one)- Email us your order if this is your preference- sacredsucculents@hushmail.com

Please note: We do not have a mobile device and often only check our emails in the morning Monday through Friday,
so if you don’t get an immediate response from us–do not fret! We will get back to you.

Plant labels: In an ongoing effort to minimize our use and handling of plastic, we are no longer supplying plastic plant labels for every plant with our orders. The plants now come with biodegradable wooden labels. Depending on your growing conditions, these labels will only last 3-12 months, and should therefore be considered temporary. Upon request we can send plastic labels with the plants, but you need to ask. For long term labeling we suggest impressible copper labels, these can be ordered from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply (www.groworganic.com) or other online vendors. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Please send $2 ($4 international) to receive our fully illustrated, highly informative catalog and additional supplements.
Seed deliveries anywhere in the world

Rare Plant & Seed List subscription: 4 issues $5 ($10 outside USA), 8 issues $8 ($16 outside USA)

Sacred Succulents, PO Box 781, Sebastopol, CA 95473 USA
Email: sacredsucculents@hushmail.com

To receive our periodic (every 4-6 weeks) emails listing new plants & seeds, specials, news from our gardens, greenhouses & travels sign up at –
http://lists.sonic.net/ mailman/listinfo/ sacredsucculents